Founder & Partner

  • Erwan LOMENECH on LinkedIn

Open-minded and pragmatic, Erwan is passionate about business development and innovation and does not fear to take risks to get tangible results. He believes in the power of a team driven and motivated by clear objectives and a culture of trust, goodwill and rigor. He is convinced that human and technology are core to answering the major industry challenges.

François RINGARD

  • François RINGARD on LinkedIn

Experienced in numerous industries, François puts its marketing, communication and digital knowledge and his  instincts at the service of clients to bring them tangible value.


Senior Manager

  • Thomas LENOIR on LinkedIn

Driven by the desire to have a concrete and long-lasting impact on his clients' culture, Thomas is eager to understand profound active forces within teams and organization to solve problems. Strategic alignment and change management are his top priorities. 



  • Charles IMBERT on LinkedIn

Polyvalent, curious and business-oriented, Charles is always looking to activate all available skills in a project to define and implement efficient and replicable solutions. He favors tangible over theory and gladly rolls up his sleeves to reach clients ultimate goals.


Senior Consultant

  • Aina RATSIMBAZAFY on LinkedIn

Agile, curious and pragmatic, Aina is passionate about complex problem solving and decision making support. She is convinced by the power of recommendations when systemic and empiric approaches are rightly balanced ans does not hesitate to raise cultural challenges to anchor successes.